Tell Tale Signs Of A Risky Investment

Tell Tale Signs Of A Risky Investment

When we invest, we want to make money. Its a simple concept but often that simple concept leads to us making some dire investment decisions that not only loses us money but can keep us from investing in the future. Investing, in the right hands can be very powerful and can allow your money to work hard for you. In the wrong hands however, it can be disastrous.

Its said that there are 2 emotions that drive all investment decisions – fear and greed. Fear is what makes us overly cautious while greed is what makes us insufficiently cautious. Expert investors are those who can control these 2 emotions. Can you? Well, we all think we can but when the moment presents itself we often succumb to the temptation of either making too much or risking too much.

the truth is that all investments carry risk. Along with risk comes reward and unless you risk you cannot be rewarded. the key is to take smart and calculated risks. The problem is that greed can easily set in cause horrible investment decisions. Risky investments usually have risk written all over it, but if you are a novice investor its really hard to tell. We’ve all see illegal investment scams catching out the elderly. Why? Because they are usually uneducated and vulnerable.

So, how can you tell is an investment is too risky? Usually if it sounds too good to be true then it is.

– Anything that guarantees your investment 100% is usually a scam.

– Anything where you can not see where your money is being invested is usually a scam.

– Anything that operates from so-called tax havens are usually a scam.

– If the company or investor that’s investing fro you does not have a reputable name that’s been in business for a while, then its probably a scam.

If you do want rapid growth on your money, stick to reputable investment houses and companies that are national. Not only will your investment be more secure but they will probably make much better investments than some private company that has no reputation.