Unit Trust Investment

Unit Trust Investment

Unit trusts investment is an option that allow investors to invest into money market securities, stocks, bonds, and derivatives through professional investment managers. An investor can start his investment journey by investing as little as $1000 to get an opportunity to establish a broadly diversified portfolio of assets with a relatively small fee.

Unit trust investment is also known as managed investment funds, an investor pools his money with that of thousands of other investors so that the fund can buy a wide range of investment options managed by a professional team. The investment fund can be large enough to allow fund managers able to control and reduce risk through greater diversification. Some funds even invest into large commercial properties and corporate bonds which may not commonly be available to individual investors.

Unit trust investment are a simple and convenient option for people who have a long-term investment horizon but do not have either the time, desire, or expertise to invest directly in financial markets. If you are fallen into this category type of people and you would like to invest, unit trust investment is then a really good start out. Simply because the investment fund managers have their consistent portfolio investment philosophy. This would allow them to stand a better chance to outperform individual investors because of their professionalism. They are employed full-time professionals that monitor the investment market, actively manage the respective fund portfolios using rigorous research to achieve optimum fund performance, and have greater access to obtain the most up-to-date, reliable, quality market news and information. They also have proper risk management process and controls to ensure that risks in the portfolio are assumed with a full understanding of its impact on the investment portfolio and by so doing improve returns without limiting opportunities. Therefore, invest in unit trust portfolio using professional fund managers can generally provide better returns over the long-term.

Generally, unit trust investment funds can be categorized under equity funds and bond funds. Equity funds invest in stocks. It is suitable for investors who have bigger risk appetite and want their money to grow over the long period of investment horizon. Bond funds invest in bonds, and it is catered for investors with small risk appetite who seek for steady stream of fixed income and do not fluctuate as much in value as equity unit trust funds. Balanced funds, or called asset allocation funds, is a unit trust investment funds that has the mixed combination of both equity funds and bonds funds. Thus, balanced funds offering the best of both funds, giving potential growth from equities and income from bonds.

If you are just a newbie investor with little start out investment money, unit trust investment is a good start out because of its instant diversification and professional expertise at a low initial price. When your investment knowledge, skills, and confidence are better improved and you are ready to expose more, investing personally in stocks and bonds will be an appropriate next step.