Gold Demand Up 12 Percent From 2009

Gold Demand Up 12 Percent From 2009

According to the World Gold Council’ latest ‘Gold Demand Trends publication’, gold demand has increased 12% from 2009 totalling 940 tonnes. The largest gold consumer, the jewellery industry, has accepted the new price levels and demand has increased 9% in the last year. The best performing markets have been the traditionally big gold nations; India, China, Russia and Turkey, consuming 63% of annual jewellery production.

Retail demand rose 25% mainly driven by bar investments which went up 44%. The total ETF demand fell 7% mostly because trades were consolidating from record high demand caused by the sovereign dept crises. Industrial demand has climbed back to pre-recession levels totalling 110 tonnes which is 13% more than a year ago. The main reason for the rising industrial demand is the steady economic growth in China and India where the majority of electronic components are manufactured.

These figures support the assumption that despite record high prices investors and consumers are willing to invest in gold even at these price levels. Especially the retail bar demand shows that the general public is more aware of gold as an investment than few years ago. The public don’t buy gold only as jewellery but also as something tangible that is not just numbers on paper.

As the money is floating from western nations to emerging nations in Asian, investment demand for gold bullion is likely rise even further in the coming years. Traditionally people from Asia have seen gold as liquid money and they are willing to keep investing in gold even if the price keeps breaking records. They don’t see gold as an investment that you hold for a certain amount of time and sell when the price is higher. Gold is something they keep buying throughout their life, it is perceived as a status symbol in the same way as a nice house or a car is in western world.

China announced that it will raise banks’ required reserves by 50 basis points to tighten liquidity management and control the credit cycle. This practically means that the Chinese government is preventing the economy from overheating which is a very wise decision. This way they can make sure that recent credit crises in western economies will not happen in China. This might push the price of gold down in the near future but once the price finds a comfortable level, it is likely to bounce back since the pressure of a price bubble is off again.

The General Manager of The China National Gold Corp estimates that gold consumption will rise 4% to 430 tonnes in 2010. This proves that China as a country and its people in general are investing in gold and as they get wealthier in coming years demand is likely to keep rising. Taking this and the latest bank announcement into account, China seems to be able to control its economical growth in a wiser way than western nations do. This should calm down the gold market as it has been very volatile in recent months and keep the gold bubble speculators quiet for a while.…

Collectible Certified Rare Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion: Precious Metals As an Investment

Collectible Certified Rare Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion: Precious Metals As an Investment

Investors, concerned about the economy and preservation of wealth, are discovering the 21st century gold rush. This is partly because since 2001 the dollar has fallen over 40% and 95% since the 1950’s. As the dollar declines, gold becomes a much more trusted investment because the value of gold has never been zero.

Every year, around 2,500 tons of gold is mined from the Earth but the global demand for gold far outweighs the supply, driving up your investment even more. You could own gold in the form of ETF’s, commodity options or mining shares, but possession of gold coins is unique.

When you invest in certified, rare gold or silver coins, you are not just putting your faith in the value of gold itself. Part of your portfolio should be in investment grade, collectible gold coins that are in good condition and relatively scarce. That adds tremendously to the value of your gold investment – almost like having a built-in insurance policy.

These coins are certified by either the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). This means you can have greater confidence in your investment and know that it is easily liquidated when you are ready to close your position at any of the thousands of gold dealers across the country. And of course, we will buy back what we sell to you, as well.

Gold can also be used in a self-directed IRA or 401K plan. After 2008, imagine how your retirement plan might have looked if you had a percentage of it invested in gold. Diversifying your portfolio by investing in gold decreases your potential risk and could even dilute your potential rewards but if you are interested in at least preserving your wealth, you need to have a position in gold which is still yet expected to go much higher.

With gold, you have personal and private control over your investment. While “private wealth” seems a thing of the past, gold gives you that privacy. In other words, neither an IRS 1099 nor a social security number are required to own investment grade rare gold coins. No other tangible asset offers 100% privacy and portability except gems or diamonds which are not nearly as liquid as US rare gold coins.

And although there is nothing like holding a gold coin in your hand, you can’t ignore the wealth preservation and growth aspects of gold as a solid and wise investment. You don’t have to be among the super wealthy or extremely knowledgeable about investing in gold. It’s much simpler than might think.…

Trading Performance – Is a 10% Return Per Day Too Much to Ask From Trading?

Trading Performance – Is a 10% Return Per Day Too Much to Ask From Trading?

10% a day is astronomical! Making 10% consistently on every trading day on almost all 200 trading days in a year would result multiplying your starting trading capital by a factor of 189 million! it is simply impossible to sustain such growth because markets are small and wealth gain is finite. As your trading position grows in size the harder it becomes to get filled at a good price, let alone you would soon reach your brokerage firm’s trading size limit.

Nobody makes 10% per day consistently!

Even in the most profitable trades of Warren Buffet or George Sorros you won’t find a consistent 10% return per day. The rule is simple; while it’s possible to make 10% fixed on small trading accounts, (well under 1 million dollars) it is still not possible to make 10% compound gains on a daily basis.

How much do I need to make per day to turn $10,000 into a million in a year?

That is realistic and many have done it, you only need to multiply your $10,000 capital by a factor of 100 over 200 trading days, the daily required growth per trading day is: 2.32%, or to put it in monthly perspective 46.7% account growth per month. That is entirely possible with a good trading system. However even 46.7% per month or 2.32% per day is a realistic target for only extremely well experienced traders. Low consistent profitability is more important than occasional high return periods that are bound to soon turn into losing periods.

Actual trading conclusions from daily advisory services.

I have checked the results of many day trading online advisory and mentoring services, most of them have periods of high profitability that is not consistent from year to year. Here’s a short summary on the following services:

Mohan market force: a good service that explains some key things but still fails catastrophically as market conditions suddenly change. Mohan’s approach doesn’t adapt fast enough to dynamic changing markets. Therefore is not consistent over the years.

Larry Williams: Fundamentally good service and advice but lacks transparency and fails to educate you, consistency is debatable but overall service is good and can make novice trader money but will not make them a professional trader.

Traders International: Again the service lacks full transparency, I understand they don’t want to give away their proprietary trading methods but they have very good mentoring which can help the novice gain experience reading the charts and pick signals off them. Their true advantage to other similar services is profitability consistency, they make low but very consistent profits month in and month out and they use much tighter stops than

Mohan market force service.

If you truly want to gain experience and be able to trade on your own even after you quit the mentoring program then I think Traders International is the best that is available. You still have to work hard to catch up with their in-depth analysis but you will have an edge over other new traders.…

MLM Leads – Did You Get Your Investment Back On Those?

MLM Leads – Did You Get Your Investment Back On Those?

Who hasn’t spent money (hard earned) on those “hot ” leads that produced nothing. Don’t raise your hand.. I know the answer. I’ve had coaches tell me all the ways they achieved success and that I had to copy them exactly if I wanted success to follow me the way it has them.

God Bless them for having my interest at heart and teaching me what they know. It took awhile for me to realize they accomplished their dreams with what was available to them 8 to 10 years ago. I was marketing my business without realizing that technology was now growing at a faster rate than what my marketing strategy was able to compete with.

So, did I learn to compete at a higher level. First of all let me say… it was a lot of research coupled with…maybe it’s not for me. Competition is what true business owners thrive failure wasn’t an option. Next, I realized I needed to communicate with the same kind of progressive individual. Where do you find them? That’s what we are going to go over here. How many times in your hot leads did you get” I’m just “looking”,or tell me how much it’s going cost me”. That’s not the person you want to waste your time with.

True business owners want and relish in other business owners. It’s the ultimate marriage of like minds getting together. Let me show you how to view a proven lead system that draws the best individuals who understand business building as path to success… and not a shot in the dark at getting rich quick. Take advantage of offer.. It’s free!! Your business building prowess depends on the ability to reach as many people as you can.…

How to Make a Good Residential Property Investment

How to Make a Good Residential Property Investment

Why is it that when people decide to make a residential property investment that they allow their emotions to make their decisions for them? We allow pure emotion to dictate the area, the price and our perception of potential growth to make one of the biggest financial decisions we are likely to make in our lives for us.

Yes, it is nice to know that you are buying in a good area and that the property has all of the trimmings we are looking for, but we forget that this is still an investment decision which will have a great impact on our financial future and forget completely that an incorrect decision when it comes to investing in a residential property could have catastrophic implications on our financial future.

Would it not be better to detach emotion from the investment and actually run the potential investment through proven and accurate systems and principles before we make this investment decision so as to be able to be sure that our investment decision is sustainable and in our own financial interest before we make the decision?

Luckily there are such systems and principles available which can help us to make these important investment decisions and if used correctly we will be able to know the financial impact of our decisions before actually committing to any signed agreements. By taking the time to do this we will greatly reduce the chances that we will loose this investment and all the money which we have committed to it when market conditions decide to take a turn for the worse.

I am a great believer in the fact that we should invest in ourselves first before making any other investment decisions, in other words we need to put in the time and effort so as to educate ourselves as to what the best and most sustainable way is to make the investment decision which could greatly impact on our lives financially and believe me when I say in many other areas as well.

A sound investment is an informed investment, whether it is in residential property, commercial property or in the stock market, if you have not taken the time to invest in yourself so as to hold control of your investment in your own hands, chances are stacked against you and failure is a huge reality.…

Intelligent Real Estate Investing

Intelligent Real Estate Investing

Should I Start my REI Business in a Recession?

Strapped for cash! Economic uncertainty! Fear of the unknown! These are some of the emotions that govern the thinking of most people today. Nonetheless, the fact that real estate investment is still the smartest way to achieving financial independence remains irrefutable. Wasn’t it Carnegie who originally said to “get aggressive when everyone is fearful, and be fearful when everyone is aggressive?” Recently Warren Buffet was quoted as repeating the same adage. If these famously wealthy businessmen agree to that strategy, then one has got to get busy now!

Earlier this year I was in San Francisco and saw a billboard. It read: “Bill Gates stared Microsoft during a recession.” Are we seeing a trend here? It would seem that the most successful see opportunity where others see peril. Are you programmed like these entrepreneurs or are you like the majority of the world’s population…motivated by emotion? If you feel you are in your element with these great history-making men, then you likely see that we are at the right place to create wealth in this housing value decline.

More pointedly, I believe we are facing the perfect storm for cash home buyers across the United States. The secret is out and many Europeans, Asians, Middle-Easterners and others have recognized that America is on sale and they are already scooping deals on our home turf every day! So, to answer the question at the top of the page: Yes. Only IF you see the “glass half full.” Before embarking on any business venture it is always wise to do your research, set a mission statement and plan of action. Before that, though, one must do some soul-searching in order to determine whether he or she is proceeding with the mindset of the great entrepreneurs or plagued with the typical negativity of the general populace. Make sure you have a clear vision of the opportunity and determine to KEEP that vision clearly in mind. Maybe even write it down and hang it on your refrigerator door, but do it.

It is imperative that a new real estate investor seek the right groups and networks in order to conclude deals with ease, moving quickly onto the next one. A website you can check out is for an example of a reputable group. They have an extensive buyers list from all over the world and independent territory managers nationwide.

Another factor that has played into the success of most if not all wealthy capitalists is having a mentor. There has usually been someone behind the scene coaching and leading by example. Ask anyone who has done something of high significance and they will likely tell you of those who inspired them. The REI market is no exception. We all need a mentor at some point.

Unfortunately, there is no end to the “gurus” wishing to sell us some “program” for a lot of money. In reality, their responsibility ended when your payment was processed. In my opinion, it is best to find a mentor willing to teach you and then partner up with you for a time, splitting the profits off each deal. That’s what your business will need entering the uncertain market conditions of the future. So cheer up! Do some self-analysis and adjust your thinking to “positive.” Opportunity is knocking.…

Food and Agriculture

Food and Agriculture

No one can survive on earth without food. Among the basic necessities of life- food comes first. The basic necessities of life are food, clothing and shelter. No mater how much a man has, he must feed. Hence investing in agriculture is investing in food production. The investor will never loose. This is because whether we like it or not we will eat. Investment in other sector might fail but not in agriculture.

Agricultural products are for domestic and industrial use. Many countries in the world like India, China, America, Thailand etc, earn their major revenue from agriculture. Over 50% of the population is directly or indirectly employed in agricultural industries.

The world is seriously waiting and looking for aggressive investors in this sector. The rate at which many young people are avoiding working in farms is alarming. If this trend continues, a time will come when the world will suffer great food crises.

There are various arm of this sector one can invest in wisely. But for the sake of this article I will concentrate on cassava production and processing. Cassava was discovered in Brazil and brought to Africa by the Portuguese. It later became the most stable crop and food in West African sub region. Many products are got from cassava namely: garri, fufu, tapioca, floor, chips, pellets, foliage, starch, etc. latterly, it was discovered that cassava can be as a substitute to cereal for feed production for livestock. All the livestock feed can be produced using using cassava as the main source of carbohydrate and fiber.

Cassava has very high content of starch and serve as raw material in the following industries. Brewery, pharmaceutical, textile, feed mills, etc industries for production of alcohol, starch, glucose, etc.

Nigeria is the highest producer of cassava in the world, while Chain utilizes it well to produce many other products.

Invest in cassava now and enjoy a great reward tomorrow.…

How to Choose Stocks to Invest In

How to Choose Stocks to Invest In

The biggest obstacle every trader faces is the question of how to accurately choose stocks to invest in. Obviously, accurately analyzing a stock is a key component of successful trading, but the question is extremely difficult to answer. Choosing stocks is part science, part art, and what most traders don’t like to admit, part intuition.

Choosing the right stock is actually only part of the equation. The other part is choosing the right stock for you. Traders have differing investment styles, philosophies, risk tolerances, financial goals, etc. A stock that’s a good choice for your portfolio might not be a good choice for another trader. So before trying to choose the right stock, you first need to choose the right investment style.

Choosing an Investment Style

The first step in choosing an investment style is to know yourself and your personality. Are you likely to grow impatient if you don’t see immediate results, or are you willing to bide your time for the right opportunity? How much of a drop in the stock price are you willing to endure before you’ll sell it? Are you looking for the big score, or are you willing to take small profits as they present themselves?

The second step is to know your investment goals and time horizon. Are you investing to build up a nest egg for a retirement date that is still decades away, or are you investing for a goal that is only a couple of years away? Are you trying to earn some extra income, or do you need this money to live on? Are you trying to amass a lot of wealth, or are you just trying to add to what you already have?

Matching Your Investment Style to an Analysis Style

There are two basic types of stock analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is charting. The idea is to learn how to read charts so you can spot trends in the market, as well as potential turning points. Fundamental analysis is researching the company itself. With fundamental analysis, you will examine the company’s financial reports and analyze their ratios. You’ll also consider industry competition and growth potential before making an investment.

Typically speaking, traders with a shorter-term focus use technical analysis and traders with a longer-term focus use fundamental analysis. There is no right or wrong way to do your analysis. Some traders use both. They will conduct fundamental analysis first to see if they like the company itself, and then use technical analysis to determine the right time to buy the stock. The key is to match the analysis style to your investment style and apply it consistently.

Putting it All Together

Once you’ve determined the appropriate investment style and analysis style for your personal goals and needs, you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. There are several high quality financial web sites, such as Yahoo Finance and Google Finance, which will allow you to research companies for free. Use those free resources to choose stock to invest in, and start trading. I recommend that you start off with a virtual trading program to test your stock picking skills without putting any of your money at risk. Once you are confident that you plan will work for you, it’s time to start investing.…

Trading futures vs options in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an important financial hub in Asia with substantial trading activity in the futures and options markets. It has become an attractive alternative for many traders due to its proximity, low costs and future-friendly regulations. Hong Kong’s top role in the global economy makes it a good location for hedgers who need access to commodities at competitive prices.

There are some key differences between buying futures vs options in Hong Kong:

Trading Contracts for Difference ([CFDs) or Other Derivatives (OTC)

In Hong Kong, there are no laws regulating retail foreign exchange contracts [including CFDs], which allows many forex brokers to open a subsidiary on the island and avoid regulatory oversight from their country of origin. As a result, these brokers can offer their customers a wide range of derivatives and OTC products.

This may appear to be an attractive prospect at first glance, it is essential to note that these unregulated contracts introduce additional risk into the market. Once you buy or sell a CFD contract, for example, there’s no daily settlement like with futures and options – instead, you will need to monitor your margin requirements closely as the value of your position changes over time.

Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE)

The Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) was established in 1969 as a non-profit organization that facilitates price discovery and hedging opportunities by issuing futures on several types of commodities such as gold and cocoa beans. These futures provide an excellent way to lock in prices and limit volatility for companies that need to hedge their exposure.

The HKFE has a daily open outcry session where negotiations between buyers and sellers determine the price of individual contracts. During this session, market makers who act as brokers attempt to match buy and sell orders on the exchange floor using hand signals.

The clearing is conducted by inter-dealer brokers who ensure that all buyer and seller accounts are settled every day before the close of trading. This adds an extra layer of protection for both parties in addition to reducing counterparty risk (reducing the chances that your broker goes bankrupt or doesn’t have enough capital to pay you). This clearing model eliminates any pre-settlement risk, which makes it an ideal choice for risk-averse traders who are not yet comfortable with the concept of trading OTC derivatives.

Hong Kong Options Exchange (HKOE)

The Hong Kong Options Exchange was established in 2002 to provide local investors access to Asian stock index options at competitive rates. It operates similarly to the HKFE but has an additional feature called automatic exercise, which means that your position will be automatically closed out if the contract you bought is set to expire within three days. Like other institutional markets, expiring contracts are settled on a T+3 basis, meaning that all transactions must be completed before market close on the third day after they were initiated. The exchange also requires brokers to act as market makers and ensure that all orders are filled before 4:00 PM.

The combination of open outcry and automated exercise makes the HKOE a much more attractive choice for seasoned traders who prefer not to rely on exchange-imposed limits. This also means that futures contracts have a different expiration period from those in other markets, as they can only be opened or closed during sessions that occur once every day at 10:15 AM and 2:30 PM.

Final Word

It is important to note that these contracts do not expire like traditional stock options, which will remain valid until the settlement date. This is a vital distinction to make when comparing them to CFDs, which can be liquidated at any time before contract expiry. While it may seem complicated at first, this flexible structure allows you to trade Asian markets with greater freedom and control over your finances while avoiding the exorbitant fees associated with retail contracts. New traders are advised to use an online broker from Saxo Bank and trade on a demo account before investing real money.

How to Buy Gold If You Are a Small Investor – Gold Coins Easy to Buy, Easy to Sell

How to Buy Gold If You Are a Small Investor – Gold Coins Easy to Buy, Easy to Sell

Gold is the most known and valuable assets in all societies. If you role down the pages of history, you will find a very fascinating and enchanting history related with gold in human cultures of Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, where they take it as a symbol of wealth, status and power. Afterward, gold became the financial commodity, universally exchangeable in any appearance and became the money in metal form.

There is nothing complicated about buying gold. Do you really think like that? In fact, the idea is off the beam. You need to increase your awareness, because if it is not complicated then it is undoubtedly more attention and time consuming. You need to have an eye for market variation; the vigilant understanding towards the real and fake gold, history of their inflation rates and a bird eye for the right time of buying and selling. You could find different gold prices in different markets, and you have to make a decision for your hard-earned money as to where to invest, what amount to buy, and what should be the price.

Couple of years after the money crunch, year 2010 could be the mount year for gold from its current value. As uncertainty is wrapping around the consumer globally, and dollar price is not holding its pace, rather slipping down in minutes, the chances of gold price towards the 25% inflation is more predicted. Considering that, as a small investor, you could be able to invest securely.

Well, if you are already out with your buying capacity, you must have seen yellow coloured precious metal into different shapes, sizes and weights. Now, it is the time for careful decision for your hard-earned money. You have to look for the gold shapes into the list for your top option. You may find gold in a physical form like big gold bars, which is not easy to keep away from theft. It might be your first choice or you may choose a more convenient shape to get hold confidently.

From the small investment point of view, your first step should be the choice of careful amount of gold which you plan to pick up from the market, because before understanding the market flow and behaviour, it is not recommended to invest into a larger sum of gold as a small investor. One of the best suggested ways, as a small buyer, is to buy gold coins. However, you must have many other choices in hand and lots of advices from people around, but being a house wife, shop keeper, or 9 to 5 employee, gold coins will be the most suitable way for you in your crisis times. You can keep your investment intact by purchasing gold in coin shape, because in times of emergencies you can sell them as per requirement rather selling the whole gold bar with more tensions.

Currently, you are following the best trail in investment category, which will benefit you in the future, because the price you are paying for their purchase will not remain the same at the time of selling. As the market fluctuates, the prices of gold eventually go up and down, with the current political and economical condition around. Confidence, trust and effort are the keywords for any business, and what could be better than playing with gold. So play with it, preserve it and enjoy the possession of it and feel the sense of security and wealth.…