Collectible Certified Rare Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion: Precious Metals As an Investment

Collectible Certified Rare Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion: Precious Metals As an Investment

Investors, concerned about the economy and preservation of wealth, are discovering the 21st century gold rush. This is partly because since 2001 the dollar has fallen over 40% and 95% since the 1950’s. As the dollar declines, gold becomes a much more trusted investment because the value of gold has never been zero.

Every year, around 2,500 tons of gold is mined from the Earth but the global demand for gold far outweighs the supply, driving up your investment even more. You could own gold in the form of ETF’s, commodity options or mining shares, but possession of gold coins is unique.

When you invest in certified, rare gold or silver coins, you are not just putting your faith in the value of gold itself. Part of your portfolio should be in investment grade, collectible gold coins that are in good condition and relatively scarce. That adds tremendously to the value of your gold investment – almost like having a built-in insurance policy.

These coins are certified by either the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). This means you can have greater confidence in your investment and know that it is easily liquidated when you are ready to close your position at any of the thousands of gold dealers across the country. And of course, we will buy back what we sell to you, as well.

Gold can also be used in a self-directed IRA or 401K plan. After 2008, imagine how your retirement plan might have looked if you had a percentage of it invested in gold. Diversifying your portfolio by investing in gold decreases your potential risk and could even dilute your potential rewards but if you are interested in at least preserving your wealth, you need to have a position in gold which is still yet expected to go much higher.

With gold, you have personal and private control over your investment. While “private wealth” seems a thing of the past, gold gives you that privacy. In other words, neither an IRS 1099 nor a social security number are required to own investment grade rare gold coins. No other tangible asset offers 100% privacy and portability except gems or diamonds which are not nearly as liquid as US rare gold coins.

And although there is nothing like holding a gold coin in your hand, you can’t ignore the wealth preservation and growth aspects of gold as a solid and wise investment. You don’t have to be among the super wealthy or extremely knowledgeable about investing in gold. It’s much simpler than might think.