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Home Buying Tips – Understanding How to Buy A House To Flip For A Profit

Home Buying Tips – Understanding How to Buy A House To Flip For A Profit

Here are some steps and tips you will want to follow in order to avoid common mistakes most investors make when buying a house to flip. Remember it’s all about the numbers!

1. When flipping a house, the goal is to make money! The money you make from the house is made when you actually buy the property and you cash the check when you sell. Therefore, each part is very important!

2. Be sure to see the inside of the home – This is the step that you can not AFFORD to skip. When writing a contract on the property, it is imperative to write in an inspection period for as long the seller can stand, that way if something goes wrong you are protected.

3. Outsource the work: – Your job as an investor is to analyze deals and figure out your exit strategy to make a profit. You should delegate all other work to your team so you have more time to do the highest priority activities that generate the most cash!

4. Market Value Rule: This rule is simple. When flipping a house, it is important to place the house for sale 1-2 percent below the market value. Don’t be greed or fearful, simply have a mindset that you want to help people out, instead of “what’s in it for me.” You always make more money this way and when a problem or delay arises you are ready.

5. Have an agent – A good agent that is investor friendly can be hard to come by but once you find that perfect one you will see it is worth more than gold! The resources that agents have available to them are great, be sure to treat your agent well and your golden! You are an investor; DO NOT try to sell your own house. Use your time to find other houses to invest in. Allow your agent to take care of all the details around the selling of the house.

Keep these steps in mind as you look to flip properties for a profit and you will be successful. The most important thing is mindset, no matter what is around you always believe that you will make a profit. The profit might not necessarily be in monetary form but as you gain experience you will realize things that will help you in the future. Build a great team and relationships and trust me there is no way to fail!…


Best Investment Opportunity Today

Best Investment Opportunity Today

The best investment opportunity for 2012 and 2013 could be stocks, but any bond investment is suspect at best. With even the best safe investments paying zip it’s important to look for investment opportunity elsewhere. How about an investment in real estate that requires no time, effort or management on the investor’s part?

Real estate is the best investment opportunity for 2012, 2013 and going forward because it’s selling cheap. Interest rates are at historical lows, which is also great for investors buying properties. Record low rates are very BAD for bond investors, because bonds pay a fixed interest rate. In fact, when rates do go up – bond and bond fund investors WILL lose money as bond prices (values) fall. That’s the way bonds work.

As an investment opportunity stocks and stock funds are the wild card. Stocks could go up in value as bonds fall: that’s the way it has worked for many years now. But stocks are not cheap… having doubled in value between early 2009 and early 2012. Gold is not cheap either, having been on an up trend for more than 10 years. This leaves real estate as the best major investment opportunity available to the average investor.

Opportunity in real estate is everywhere in the USA for 2012 and 2013. The problem with investment here for the average person: management and a lack of liquidity. Someone has to deal with the day to day operations; and you can’t buy, rent and sell a property investment quickly and easily without significant costs. Or, can you?

The best investment opportunity is staring you right in the face if you know where to look, and it’s designed to solve these problems for the average investor: real estate stock mutual funds. These are the best investment opportunity for the average person who wants a piece of the action in his or her portfolio. No active management is required on the investor’s part, and you can buy today and sell a day later if you want to.

Professional portfolio managers make the investment decisions for you.

If you know which mutual fund companies to invest with your real estate mutual fund investment can also be a BEST BUY. No charge to buy or sell, with less than 1% a year going to pay for management expenses. That’s why I call these funds your best real estate investment opportunity for 2012 and 2013 and beyond. These funds hold equity (stocks) in companies that invest in the likes of office buildings, other rental properties, shopping malls, and home builders.

When you consider your choices, real estate stands out as the best investment opportunity going forward. Your best way to invest is in no-load mutual funds that specialize by holding investment trusts that own commercial properties diversified across the USA. To find your best deal search for “no-load real estate mutual funds” on the internet.…


Triple Diamond, Solitaire, Or Non-Traditional – How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Triple Diamond, Solitaire, Or Non-Traditional – How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Solitaire – Classic And Timeless

Many people immediately think of the solitaire when they think of an engagement ring. These rings use one single stone on a simple band. The stones can be nearly any size or cut, such as round, princess, trilliant, marquis, pear and heart. However, the most traditional and classic version is a round brilliant diamond on a gold or platinum band. If you want a little more sparkle, consider a wedding band or wrap with diamonds or other gemstones.

Solitaires come in a wide range of price points so there’s sure to be a ring for any budget. Smaller diamonds that aren’t graded or certified by the Gemological Institute of America will be less expensive, but can still have the same sparkle and fire.

Triple Diamond Rings Renew Your Love’s Energy

Triple diamond rings are gaining popularity as more and more couples want the energy and sparkle that comes from multiple stones. These rings typically have one larger center stone that’s flanked by two smaller stones. The diamonds can be all the same cut, but the newest trend is to use different cuts for the two smaller stones. Popular rings can have a princess cut center stone flanked by two trilliant stones or a round center stones flanked by two pear shaped stones.

These rings can be set in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. If you choose gold, it’s a good idea to make sure the stones’ prongs are platinum since platinum is stronger and will handle everyday stress and wear better.

Nontraditional Rings Show Off Your Individual Style

Although diamond engagement rings are the most common, a ring doesn’t have to contain a diamond. Some women prefer to show off their style and individuality with a colored gemstone such as a ruby, emerald, sapphire or other stone. Some of these rings take their styling from the triple diamond rings, but use a center diamond and two colored gemstones to show off the center stone’s energy more effectively.

There’s no right or wrong way to wear or give an engagement ring, as long as your proposal comes from your heart. Your choices are limited only by your budget and your personal style, so don’t be afraid to shop around – after all, this is a ring you will both look at for the rest of your lives. Whether you’re looking for a solitaire, a triple diamond or an nontraditional ring, you can be sure she’ll say yes if you find one that matches your future bride’s personality and energy.…


5 Tips For Investing in Apartment Complexes

5 Tips For Investing in Apartment Complexes

If you are looking to get started investing in apartment complexes, you are in good company. Many investors before you have built great wealth by investing in multifamily properties – and you can too.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

#1 Start With Your Investment Goals First.

“Begin with the end in mind.” Many investors make the mistake of going out and looking at properties, and buying “just to buy”. I can understand their excitement about getting started investing in apartment buildings, but the best way to start is to identify your financial goals first.

What do you want your financial picture to look like in 1, 3, 5, and 10 years? What kind of net worth do you want to have? How much cash flow? Which is more important to you – cash flow today or large gains 5 years from now from turning around a property?

The most important thing here is to be realistic. While it is true you can make big gains investing in apartment buildings, be sure that you are being realistic in your goals.

#2 Determine Your Property Criteria.

This is somewhat tied to, yet driven by #1. Begin by answering some basic questions.

Will you be an Active Investor or a Passive Investor? Do you want to manage the property, or have it professionally managed?

Are you looking to form or possibly join an investment partnership to purchase a larger property? Or perhaps you would rather purchase a smaller property, such as a duplex or 4-plex in your own area. Again, there is no right or wrong answer, as long as you are true to yourself and how much time you have to be involved with the investment.

#3 Get Some Basic Education.

Whether you are going to join an investment group and let someone else “hold the reigns” or do thing on your own, start with some basic education.

Invest in yourself first.

There are plenty of good courses and books on investing in apartments and commercial real estate. The worst thing you can do is buy some and never remove the shrink wrap. Take the time and effort needed to study, but know that the learning never stops. You will learn from each and every deal you close.

#4 Take Action.

“Go forth in spite of your fears.” Look we are all a little bit nervous starting out in any new venture. In fact, it can be very exciting – but do not let that stop you.

Take the time to go through #1-3 above, but also take action.

Don’t get bogged down in studying or over-analyzing. Once you have studied a little bit and are working with either an investment partner or broker, you will start to pick up on things. So take action after some time, and get your feet wet on a smaller project or a smaller investment with a group.

#5 Keep Going.

Once you get started, keep going. No one ever got rich off a single duplex or one investment partnership. It is the combined efforts of moving forward on a number of projects that will build your wealth over time.

These are just the basic steps in getting going. By no means can I cover everything you need here. However, if you get started in this order, you will be headed in the right direction. Start out with your financial goals first. Have fun with it and keep moving forward.…


Infinity Downline – Review

Infinity Downline – Review

What is Infinity Downline all about? Are the products in demand? Are the compensation claims realistic? What are the drawbacks?

Infinity Downline is a business opportunity designed to attract those people who want to get into business for a very small investment and still have a chance to make a reasonable amount of extra money every month. It’s a very new program, started in early 2009, which always raises questions about longevity. It’s a bit difficult to determine how the administrators of the program are making their money. Remember that they must make money, too, or the opportunity could fail. The product line, all digital, seems very reasonable for the price.

The products are audio and video teaching and instructional sessions for almost anything you can think of with respect to working with a computer, on the computer, or on the internet. If you have some ability to get on-line, and you want to focus on this opportunity to make money, you’ll want to concentrate on the sessions devoted to marketing on-line.

I don’t think the compensation claims for Infinity Downline are overblown compared to the investment. The investment is $25 a month. The fact that you get a 100% return on that investment with you first recruit means that you are in the black as soon as that occurs. However, you need to acquire a significant number of people to make a really good income. That is done not only by you but also because each of the recruits that you keep (The 2nd and 4th are passed up.) also have to give you 2 recruits to be qualified.

The biggest drawback is recruiting. Once you run out of family and friends, either the 3 foot rule comes into play, or you better learn how to market. My suggestion is to learn how to use the internet for that. You don’t really care whether the person you recruit lives next door or half-way around the world, do you? So, whether you decide to go with this program or something else entirely, I have to recommend you concentrate on internet marketing.…


How Do You Get Rich From Real Estate?

How Do You Get Rich From Real Estate?

The best thing about real estate is that there is no one answer to that question. The industry and the business is so diverse and ready to profit from, it’s always an exciting time to get started in property investment. It doesn’t matter if you don’t even have a deposit saved – it’s just a speed bump in the awesome world of property.

Don’t let a little thing like lack of money get in the way of starting to invest in property. Most issues can be worked around with a bit of creative thinking, negotiation, knowledge and honesty. If you’re anything like me you’ll feel a little surge of adrenalin, a rush of excitement when you think about a little property deal you saw recently, or heard someone talking about. In the same way you’ll also be feeling pangs of distress and regret when you see people sealing a gem of a deal.

Why don’t you get involved? Get yourself some knowledge, learn the ropes of the industry, know the characters, how they work, know the system, and then insert yourself into the market. You’ll never, ever look back. Since beginning my family’s investment journey, no investment product, strategy or type has been as exciting, downright fun, and also profitable as real estate.

So getting back to original question – How do you get rich from real estate? The answers are all around you, you just probably can’t see them because you don’t know the industry yet. Or maybe you do, but don’t have the funds to get started. Or maybe it’s both… whatever, it doesn’t matter. The exciting thing about real estate investing is that you can get started tomorrow – but why wait – get started today – with a few handy tools in your property investing toolbox.…


Brief Introduction To Spread Betting

Brief Introduction To Spread Betting

Financial spread trading, also referred to as spread betting offers investors a tax free instrument to speculate on financial market movements whether they are rising or falling. It also allows for the trading of commodities, indices, currencies, precious metals, bonds, as well as equities all from one account. This is a derivative product which in simple terms means that the prices you are trading on are derived from the underlying product. The actual spread will be the difference between the price you buy and the price you can sell at.

When the trader is ready to place their bet or position they will go long or short depending on what they feel the market will do next. If the market movements are in their favor then they will profit; if the market movements do not go in their favor then they will lose.

Spread betting makes use of a margin (Initial Margin Requirement); the investor will only need to deposit a certain percentage of the actual position, which is set by the broker. By using this leverage the traders opening deposit will allow for more exposure to a larger portion of the underlying market. For this reason a trader can actually incur losses which will be over their initial deposit.

To safeguard the capital within your account it is very important to create your stop loss or stop win order. A stop loss will close the position automatically as per the order when at loss. A stop win does virtually the same as the stop loss except when in favor.

In financial spread trading the bet can be made as a ‘Daily Bet, ‘Rolling Bet’ or ‘Contract Month’. When opening a daily bet it will close at the end of the trading day which it was opened. A rolling bet does not close at the end of the trading day, however rolls into the next trading day. The rolling bet will incur additional finance fees, so it is important to check with your broker for costs. The contract month bet is one that is opened and will close at the date specified and can be open up to three months.

In closing, if you are new to financial spread trading you must make sure that you understand the many factors and terminology involved. Be sure that you fully understand leverage, margin trading, stop loss orders, as well as know the market you are opening your positions in. Know when your position is expiring and watch for latest announcements that could cause capital loss, and finally understand the fees which you may incur.…