Infinity Downline – Review

Infinity Downline – Review

What is Infinity Downline all about? Are the products in demand? Are the compensation claims realistic? What are the drawbacks?

Infinity Downline is a business opportunity designed to attract those people who want to get into business for a very small investment and still have a chance to make a reasonable amount of extra money every month. It’s a very new program, started in early 2009, which always raises questions about longevity. It’s a bit difficult to determine how the administrators of the program are making their money. Remember that they must make money, too, or the opportunity could fail. The product line, all digital, seems very reasonable for the price.

The products are audio and video teaching and instructional sessions for almost anything you can think of with respect to working with a computer, on the computer, or on the internet. If you have some ability to get on-line, and you want to focus on this opportunity to make money, you’ll want to concentrate on the sessions devoted to marketing on-line.

I don’t think the compensation claims for Infinity Downline are overblown compared to the investment. The investment is $25 a month. The fact that you get a 100% return on that investment with you first recruit means that you are in the black as soon as that occurs. However, you need to acquire a significant number of people to make a really good income. That is done not only by you but also because each of the recruits that you keep (The 2nd and 4th are passed up.) also have to give you 2 recruits to be qualified.

The biggest drawback is recruiting. Once you run out of family and friends, either the 3 foot rule comes into play, or you better learn how to market. My suggestion is to learn how to use the internet for that. You don’t really care whether the person you recruit lives next door or half-way around the world, do you? So, whether you decide to go with this program or something else entirely, I have to recommend you concentrate on internet marketing.