Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in Precious Metals

Precious metals are rare metallic chemical elements of high economic value such as gold, silver, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, palladium and platinum. Many people are turning to precious metals for investment, owing to their increasing demand, associated high value, lower risk factor and high levels of security. Precious metal investments can be made in a variety of ways such as investing in jewellery, tangible coins and bars, bullions, certificates, mutual funds, mining stocks, shares and gold and metal futures. Precious metal funds are more stable than stocks, and futures are a high-risk, high-value investment. The right type of precious investment varies from one to another, depending on the needs and focus of the person.

Precious metals are often the preferred investment vehicle over other investment types such as real estate, stocks etc. Rich investors, looking for investment opportunities, are now investing in precious metals as a means of storing their wealth.

Gold and silver prices go and up down too, and it will not be correct to say that investing in precious metals is without any risk. Risk is there in almost every investment, and investors have to make a calculated decision, based on the trends of the precious metals industry although risk in valuable metal industry is comparatively less.

There are now easier ways of investing. You can invest in important metals from the comfort of your home through online investment opportunities. When opting for such investment, ensure that you are at the site of a reliable dealer. Dealing with both online and brick-and-mortar important metals dealers is yet a better option. This way, you can get the best deals and have a deeper and more thorough understanding of the metal market. You need to watch gold and silver prices like a hawk at times when the prices are going up, so that you can take advantage of the market situation.

Before going ahead with the investment, make sure that you understand the market trends. Reading up market reviews for this purpose could help. Keep an eye on the market and make your investments accordingly. Risk is always there, but you can take considerable steps in order to minimise it.

Of all the precious metals, investments in gold are the most popular and perhaps, the most lucrative too. People also like to invest in bullion coins. Gold bullion bars is almost pure gold, whereas numismatics are minted coins. The design and condition of the coin has significant effect on its price.

By looking at the increasing value of valuable metals, one can safely say that investing in valuable metals will increase even more in the years to come. Investing in silver, gold and platinum is a solid investment choice.

With the weary economic conditions world over, and in this day and age of uncertainty, investing in stocks, bonds and securities come with huge risks, as their prices fluctuate pretty dramatically. Solid gold and silver investments are relatively stable in bad economic conditions too. Hence it is wise to diversify investments. Investing in real precious metals is a good investment decision and can balance off the risk factor of other investments.…

Ideas to Own a Profitable Property

Ideas to Own a Profitable Property

Investing in property is a kind of game, in which either you can be a winner or a looser. To get a fair deal of your invested money, you have to be a little tricky. By investing in a real estate you will earn beyond your imaginations, and you are also free of nightmares which you have after investing in stock market.

One of the best earning investment is to invest in property residential. Either you can purchase a residential building for a short span of time, or for whole life. It is one of the most increasing income source. So, if you are thinking about investment, then property investment can be a best choice.

After making the mind on property investment, the first question which arises in the mind is, how to find a good investment property. So, here we are with some ideas, which can surely help you to find a suitable and profitable property.

The first thing you need to know is, lying inside your mind, and that is for how long you want to own a particular property. The decision is obviously yours, but we can tell you both pros and cons of any period you choose. For example, if you are thinking to own a particular property for 20 years, then you will obviously get a fair deal, as the rents and price of property will go high. But you also have to spend a large some of money for its maintenance and repair. And, if you are thinking to keep it just for five or six years, then you need not to spend that much money for its maintenance and likewise you will not get that handsome a price for it.

The second step which you need to take on this path is to develop a network. Many landlords keep in touch with city hall clerk and bank employees. They are the one who know which property is available to sell and purchase and which property can benefit you the most. Some people get associated with local property dealers to get in contact with different people. The newspapers also can be proved a good support, as many people give adds in them.

Before buying a particular property, you should also make queries about its location and its development. As, a property in a developing area can bring an unexpected luck. A good maintenance of the property can shape its good future. So, go and try your own luck in this game.…

How One Can Benefit From Real Estate Investment

How One Can Benefit From Real Estate Investment

Ask any successful real estate investor and he will tell you that the best method to create personal wealth is to invest in real estate. When you invest in real estate in a carefully planned manner, your investment will fetch you excellent returns, unmatched by any other form of investment. Here are a few important facts about investment:

Although investment carries risks like all other forms of investment, the price fluctuations are a lot slower than the stock market or investment in gold. The money you have invested in real estate will not crash overnight. At best, fall in real estate prices may be ten percent less than it was the previous day.

One of the chief benefits of investment is banks and other financial institutions will be willing to lend you large sums of money for buying real estate. It is difficult to borrow money for buying stocks as stock markets prices are speculative in nature and the risk factor is high.

If you are intelligent and capable of a planned investment, then there are ways you can purchase property for as low as seventy percent of its market value and then go for the big kill.

Yet another important benefit is you can enjoy large scale tax advantages through depreciation. Any tax consultant will guide you how to pay least taxes on holdings.

In real estate investment, value addition is possible for you to enlarge your profits. For instance, you can increase the sales value of your property by making some modifications or additions to the property. You can add a garage or even a bedroom if space permits. You can renovate the house to fetch a better price.

If you are keen to succeed in business, you must educate yourself about the market and also regularly interact with fellow investors and professionals who can help you meet your investment goals. A investment club membership will provides these benefits.

You can immensely benefit by joining a investment club. There will be senior members who will be only too willing to offer you guidance. You can attend the periodic seminars that will discuss ways and means of making profit in the market. Networking with experts in business and interacting with peers can be highly useful. You can identify partners to join hands with you to successfully transact bigger business deals.

Be quick to learn the tricks of the trade if you want to thrive in business. It is not always easy to single-handedly manage affairs in business. It is prudent to hire the agents to help you when you are stuck with some property. For instance, a fellow agent from the club can at times find you a buyer much sooner than you can on your own and help you close the deal. Paying him a small percentage of commission is certainly worthwhile.

Please understand that it pays to invest in business. If you are serious about your business and apply yourself diligently, real estate is indeed one of the smartest investments you could ever make.…

Investment For a Secure Future

Investment For a Secure Future

Investment is necessary to lead a secure and tension free life. Today, there are many options available to invest money to earn better interest rates. People invest their money in different investment firms for different purposes like medical safety, to secure their children dream and to secure their future. However, it does not matter what is your purpose for investing your money. But the matter is that how to invest and where to invest to get better returns.

Before, only banks are considered good for growth of money. But these days, not only government but also private firms are involved in giving good returns. These companies are offering different types of saving plans at good interest rates.

Tips to Invest

If you would like to be a leader in the field of investment, here are some tips-

Invest in Stock Market

Many experts believe that invest your money in the stock market may give good returns. But for this you have to be attentive towards your shares. It is also said that the different kinds of stock investments cater two level of risk tolerance. They may be high or low risk. For conservative investors’ interest bearing saving accounts, mutual funds, money market accounts and certificate of deposit are considered safe. These stock market plans are considered safe for long term investing. They involved low risk.

But for moderate investors, investing in infrastructure is considered good. It involves moderate amounts of risk. Many investors who like to earn instant money invest directly in the stock market. They are known as an aggressive investor and like to trade intraday which involves much risk.

Invest in Real Estate

Many aggressive traders tend to invest their money in the high risk real estate. It means that they put their money into older apartment buildings and invest their money to renovate these apartments which they expect to sell or rent. But sometimes, they are not able to gain the exact amount which they invested in buying and renovating them.

So, it is said that for better returns in real estate, you should always check the area where you are thinking to invest. If the area you choose has better prospect to grow then you may earn a good amount of money.

Invest in Foreign Exchange Trading

Today, numbers of people are involved in foreign exchange trading. It has given a new paradigm in investment. Many online trading companies are offering to invest in this trading. If you are interested, you need to fill some necessary information of yours. After this, you can choose a mini or a regular account for foreign exchange trading. For funding in you account, you need a credit card. The process is very simple and with time numbers of people are involving with this trading.…

One Rule to Know Before Buying Investment Property

One Rule to Know Before Buying Investment Property

Could it be possible that there is only one rule which you need to actually apply so as to make the correct decision when considering buying investment property? Well as far as I am concerned, there is only one rule and that is that you should invest in yourself first.

Now many people might not understand what I mean by this but it is actually very simple, how on earth can anybody make an informed investment decision if they have not taken the time to invest in themselves by learning how to make a truly informed decision which is not based on speculation or emotion.

As a Wealth Creator, I believe that in order to make the correct financial investment decisions, I first need to fully understand all of the options which are available to me concerning the investment decision so as to qualify the risk involved and the growth of my investment.

The moment we are able to base our decision as to whether buying investment property will be financially beneficial to us on facts rather than speculation and emotion, then we are making an informed decision which will most likely be a very effective vehicle to take us to financial freedom.

Unfortunately most people try to make these types of decisions without having effective systems and principles in place so as to supply the facts and they are also ignorant as to how one should make these decisions void of speculation and emotion.

The moment that we are able to remove speculation and emotion, we are able to start making decisions concerning buying investment property in the best possible way which is by reducing our risk and maximizing our investment growth.

In effect then, with all this considered the one rule we all need to know before buying investment property is a simple one, take the time and put in the effort to invest in yourself first so as to be able to make informed investment decisions.…

Can You Make Money Trading Stocks?

Can You Make Money Trading Stocks?

Many people’s idea of a perfect business involves trading in stocks or commodities. Before they begin they generally and often mentally ask an important question which is, “can I really make money trading stocks?” One could actually say the answer to this ambiguous question is both yes and no and as it were, this is actually the wrong premise to begin from.

The answers to this question are so dynamic because it all depends on what stocks you decide to buy and what system you use to trade. There are people who have made billions of dollars in the stock market, occasionally overnight, but at the same time there are those who lost everything.

The truth of that matter is that millions or even billions can be made in the stock market but this may not necessarily happen overnight. Even though it could take time for you to be among the top earners in the stock trading arena, you need to learn your “ropes” well so that you get things right from the very first time you trade. When you have invested or traded in the right company and have taken your time to learn exactly what you need to be doing, your expertise and knowledge will give you those desired dollars as often as you would like it to!

The mighty challenge that faces many individuals trying to begin trading the money markets is the limited amount of cash they have at their disposal. Here then is what makes the difference between making peanuts or a six figure profit in the stock market. Home stock market traders are often disadvantaged in that they usually lose a good amount of their trading capital during the steep learning curve. Many of them will end up falling by the wayside even before they begin trading proper. So can you make money trading in stocks – yes, you can. Just take time to learn the trade and have sufficient funds to take you through the learning curve. As they say “every success is built on failure!”

When starting it is important to use every advantage possible. Many companies run free teaching seminars, webinars and tutorials – take advantage of these and attend everything you can – no knowledge is wasted. Every broker under the sun also provides some form of virtual account which allows you to trade without the pain – and the pleasure! – of a change in your finances. Use these types of virtual broking accounts until you have established a trading system that works for you and more importantly you understand. In my mind you pay for learning in one of three ways – you pay in time lost, you pay in money lost or you pay money to learn. Often the most expensive learning now – from an expert – often proves to be the best value long-term.…

Investment in Dunedin – Invest in NZ

Investment in Dunedin – Invest in NZ

The second largest city in the South Island; located at the head of a large harbor on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin is considered one of New Zealand’s four main centers both for its national historic importance and for its prominence within Otago and the south Island. The Dunedin economy creates lots of jobs and wealth and is a potential investment destination with its city council having a dedicated Economic Development Unit (EDU). The city is home to high tech companies with it’s a vibrant and robust IT sector. The number of IT choosing to call the city home has gone up over the years despite the tough economic times that have most businesses decline.

The Dunedin ICT cluster includes businesses in niche areas such as offshore business solutions in Dunedin for a range of industries such as health, sports and performance, physiology, finance, agritech, film, gaming, 3D, education, GPS, software development, database management, e-learning and e-commerce. The national broadband speeds were generally lower when compared to the improving web browsing speeds since the start of 2009 according to a recently released report. The city’s council supports technology companies through its EDU plan, the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and the UPSTART Business Incubator. However, the principal industry in the city over the last few years has been the property and business services that accounted for 28.6% of all business within the city and its retail trade industry comes a close second.

Other crucial sectors to the Dunedin economy include Tourism with places such as the Octagon, Lamach castle, Otago Museum, Dunedin Public art gallery, Speight’s brewery etc that have been a source of revenue for the Dunedin tourist businesses. The city encourages local business and employment growth, and attracts increasing numbers of new business and tourists each year. A ten year economic development strategy began in 2000 and updated in 2006, focuses on making the city a prosperous economy. As it is, the city has a well developed Research and Development mechanism through its institutes that aims at a knowledge base economy. At present however, three of the main industries in the Dunedin harbor area fear they could be put out of business by the City Council’s proposal to rezone harbor side industrial land for its usage as a residential and commercial area. The industries launched an appeal in the environment court and it’s yet to be determined. The companies employ about 200 staff.…

FATCA – Foreign Financial Institutions Tax Withholding

FATCA – Foreign Financial Institutions Tax Withholding

Under the new law with respect to each U.S. account (any financial account held by one or more specified U.S. Persons or U.S. owned foreign entities (IRC 1471(d)(1)(A)), the foreign financial institution must provide information about account gross receipts and withdrawals.

U.S.-Source investment income is subject to U.S. information reporting and tax withholding.

Every person engaged in a trade or business in the United States must file with the IRS a Form 1099 information return for payments totaling at least $600 that it makes to a U.S. Person in the course of its trade or business (IRC 6041).

To avoid 28% back-up tax withholding (IRC 3406), a U.S. Person must furnish the payor with Form W-9 establishing that the payee is a U.S. Person (T.R. 32.3406(d)-1 and T.R. 32.3406(h)-3).

The combination of Form 1099 tax reporting and 28% back-up tax withholding is intended to ensure that U.S. Persons pay tax on investment income.

U.S. source income amounts, paid to foreign persons, are exempt from Form 1099 information reporting because they are subject to non-resident withholding rules.

A non-resident investor who seeks withholding tax relief for U.S. source investment income must provide certification on the appropriate IRS Form W-8 to the withholding agent to establish foreign status and eligibility for an exemption or reduced tax rate.

A withholding agent making payments of U.S. source amounts to a foreign person is required to report the payments, including any U.S. tax withheld, to the IRS on Forms 1042 and 1042-S by March 15th of the year following the year that the payment is made (T.R. A�1.1461-1(b) and (c)). If the withholding agent withholds more than is required, the payee may file a claim for refund.

A non-financial foreign entity that is a beneficial owner of a withholdable payment must certify that it has no substantial U.S. owners or provide identifying information for each substantial U.S. owner.…

Fancy Color Diamonds – Savvy Investing

Fancy Color Diamonds – Savvy Investing

More and more new investors and savvy investors have been adding natural fancy color diamonds to their investment portfolio these days. As the global economy takes a turn for the worst and the stock market has become less reliable, investing in fancy color diamonds has become an attractive option and a relatively low-risk way to protect purchasing power. However, there are some things that news investors should know before they choose to invest in a diamond.

It’s important for new investors to be-aware of the difference between investing in colorless (white) diamonds and color diamonds. Colorless (white) diamonds are typically used for engagement rings and have more or less been commoditized whereas, savvy investors understand that natural fancy colored gemstones are becoming the fastest growing hard asset investment in North America.

Rare jewels come in a wide spectrum of colors and grades. The rarest colors to occur are red, blue, pink, pure orange and green, with yellow, brown variations (Champagne, Cognac, Chocolate), black, and grey (Silvermist) occurring slightly more often. However, every jewel is completely unique, with its own particular hue, tone and saturation. While traditional diamond cutting emphasize the fire and brilliance of a diamond, natural fancy colored diamonds are cut in a style that emphasizes color intensity.

Natural fancy color diamonds are extremely rare, representing only one carat out of every 10,000 carats cut. They are becoming more popular and setting world records every year at the world’s legendary auction houses. With demand increasing worldwide, particularly in Asian markets, natural fancy loose diamonds will remain an extremely attractive investment far into the future.

Because natural colored stones are so rare, they not only retain their value even during times of recession but often see significant increases in value. The highest quality coloured gemstones increase some 10% to 15% in value each year, effectively doubling in price every five years. Some colors have appreciated as much as 50% to 100% in a single year. Brown variations (Champagne, Cognac and Chocolate) are currently one of the last color categories still priced below traditional colorless (white) diamonds, making them an affordable investment alternative.

Overall, natural fancy investment grade colored stones have the highest per-carat value of all stones, and represent an exceptional and low-risk way to increase the value of a portfolio. Although more specialized knowledge may be desirable, it is not necessary to be a gemologist to understand the value in investing in natural fancy coloured gemstone. There are knowledgeable and reputable brokers and dealers who can assist an investor in purchasing natural colored diamonds.

One of the most desirable reasons to invest in ‘fancy color’ is that you also own a beautiful and rare work of art that you don’t have to hide away in a safety deposit box. You have the option of turning your fancy color diamond into a stunning piece of jewelry, which you can enjoy wearing and showing off to the world.