Fancy Color Diamonds – Savvy Investing

Fancy Color Diamonds – Savvy Investing

More and more new investors and savvy investors have been adding natural fancy color diamonds to their investment portfolio these days. As the global economy takes a turn for the worst and the stock market has become less reliable, investing in fancy color diamonds has become an attractive option and a relatively low-risk way to protect purchasing power. However, there are some things that news investors should know before they choose to invest in a diamond.

It’s important for new investors to be-aware of the difference between investing in colorless (white) diamonds and color diamonds. Colorless (white) diamonds are typically used for engagement rings and have more or less been commoditized whereas, savvy investors understand that natural fancy colored gemstones are becoming the fastest growing hard asset investment in North America.

Rare jewels come in a wide spectrum of colors and grades. The rarest colors to occur are red, blue, pink, pure orange and green, with yellow, brown variations (Champagne, Cognac, Chocolate), black, and grey (Silvermist) occurring slightly more often. However, every jewel is completely unique, with its own particular hue, tone and saturation. While traditional diamond cutting emphasize the fire and brilliance of a diamond, natural fancy colored diamonds are cut in a style that emphasizes color intensity.

Natural fancy color diamonds are extremely rare, representing only one carat out of every 10,000 carats cut. They are becoming more popular and setting world records every year at the world’s legendary auction houses. With demand increasing worldwide, particularly in Asian markets, natural fancy loose diamonds will remain an extremely attractive investment far into the future.

Because natural colored stones are so rare, they not only retain their value even during times of recession but often see significant increases in value. The highest quality coloured gemstones increase some 10% to 15% in value each year, effectively doubling in price every five years. Some colors have appreciated as much as 50% to 100% in a single year. Brown variations (Champagne, Cognac and Chocolate) are currently one of the last color categories still priced below traditional colorless (white) diamonds, making them an affordable investment alternative.

Overall, natural fancy investment grade colored stones have the highest per-carat value of all stones, and represent an exceptional and low-risk way to increase the value of a portfolio. Although more specialized knowledge may be desirable, it is not necessary to be a gemologist to understand the value in investing in natural fancy coloured gemstone. There are knowledgeable and reputable brokers and dealers who can assist an investor in purchasing natural colored diamonds.

One of the most desirable reasons to invest in ‘fancy color’ is that you also own a beautiful and rare work of art that you don’t have to hide away in a safety deposit box. You have the option of turning your fancy color diamond into a stunning piece of jewelry, which you can enjoy wearing and showing off to the world.