Why Should Dubai Marina Be Your First Choice for Investing in Dubai Real Estate?

Why Should Dubai Marina Be Your First Choice for Investing in Dubai Real Estate?

It is needless to discuss the current performance level of Dubai properties sector as everyone knows that it has not been at its best. According to current statistics, regional tourist activity has increased and it is a fact that not a single trip to Dubai is complete without visiting or staying in Dubai Marina. Due to a number of reasons, this community holds a great appeal for both investors and tenants. Dubai Marina to Dubai is what Venice to Italy – undoubtedly, a premium choice of living. Let’s review what other reasons make this the ultimate living choice for investors and tenants.

DubaiMarina is all about premium location and chic lifestyle

With its upmarket and modish communal lifestyle, nestled among high-rise buildings located along Persian Gulf, Dubai Marina is the most desirable community in Dubai. A large number of shopping avenues, a variety of al fresco dining options and a plethora of entertainment options entice buyers and tenants alike to spend more and more time there. The community was developed with a vision to create an awe inspiring city within city that offers the most urbane, modern and invigorating lifestyle. This all has been successfully achieved by finely diffusing high quality, infrastructure and the best location in Dubai to make Dubai Marina properties the ultimate choice for tourists, tenants and local residents.

DubaiMarina infrastructure

Dubai Marina’s broad and comprehensive infrastructure sets itself above and apart from all the high end communities in Dubai and other high end communities of Abu Dhabi or Ajman real estate. It is the world’s largest man made marina having extensive transport facilities including metro station, tram network and water transport station. Other than this, it offers a plethora of dining options, retail outlets, yacht club and its very own shopping mall – Dubai Marina Shopping Mall. The famous ‘Marina Walk’ is also located within it. One of the greatest advantages of living in any community style development in it is that inhabitants can find everything at a walking distance, be it a salon, grocery shop, laundry service, beach club or your favourite restaurant. Living in it is certainly a privilege. Most of the residential developments in this come with a number of facilities such as gyms, swimming pools and recreation decks. The quality may slightly vary from building to building.

Stable and secure investment

Investing in Dubai is always profitable as compared to investing in Abu Dhabi or Ajman real estate. Previous figures and earlier stats indicate that investment in it is one of the most stable and the securest form of investment in Dubai real estate sector. Even when the property market was slow, properties in Dubai Marina were selling like hot cakes. It won’t be wrong to say that it is once in a lifetime opportunity to buy properties in Dubai Marina and sell it at higher price when market will go up or enjoy steady return in form of rental amount. During hard times, when landlords were unable to find serious landlords, the occupancy rate in Dubai Marina was noticeably high.

Along with these world class facilities, 24 hours high alert security is also provided to residents. These all and several other options make it, the first choice for investing in Dubai real estate.