Owning Physical Gold – The Ultimate Safe Haven

Owning Physical Gold – The Ultimate Safe Haven

Paper currencies have come and gone throughout history, only gold has maintained its place on the market and has always been on top. At the same time, gold is the oldest form of money and people have used it in trades, businesses and so on since its special qualities have been discovered. As other currencies, the yellow metal has faced some ups and down, however in comparison with paper currency gold has increased intensively when the inflation took off in the 1970s.

With stock markets at record lows, banks closing and government bailouts on the rise due to the critical times we live in today`s world, people started looking for viable forms of investment. Gold proved to be as both viable and durable investment on the present market. While there are many forms of investment such as shares, virtual metal and so on, buying gold in physical bars or coins is not only safe haven, more, with a wise decision.

The reasons why to own physical gold are numerous, starting with the fact that the yellow metal holds its value for a long time, it`s price generally increases at a greater rate over the long term, while paper money or other types of investment usually don`t. In the last decade, gold has reached a high price for over 1,200 pounds and it will probably stay as this for quite some time compared with the dollar that has brought the world terrible financial crisis.

Another strong reason for which you should consider buying gold is that by owning and keeping it in physical form in your possession, you will still be able to purchase consumables with it in case your economies were to disappear overnight. The precious metal will remain strong in times of recession and as a proof in the past couple of years successful businessmen but also, ordinary citizens, have chosen this form of investment.

Owning physical gold means you have to safely store it in your home, or if you buy a substantial amount is better to keep it in a safe vault in a bank or private gold dealers. As a conclusion, the precious metal is seen as a safe haven because its price tends to rise when equities are falling and as a result your gold holdings should increase in value. Experts affirmed that those who bought gold in 2009 can reach a profit up to 30 percent if they sell it this year. So not only it preserves the wealth but it can also bring you a lot of profit.