Life Span of The Wooden Fence

Does a wood fence last a long time? Wooden Fences are the perfect way to keep your yard stylish and secure while protecting your privacy. Wooden fences are affordable. They are relatively cheap in comparison to other materials like metal. The installation process is typically easy and errors can be fixed quickly. However, the longevity of wooden fences is often the concern of home/landowners. What many persons do not know is that wooden fences are also durable. With proper care, the lifespan of wooden fences can be extended.


The question frequently asked when considering wooden fences is, does a wooden fence last a long time? The average wooden fence lasts for approximately 15 years. However, a wooden fence that is properly taken care of can last 20 years or more. Some fences may last significantly longer than others as the lifespan often depends on several different factors. Before opting for a wooden fence, climate and weather conditions should be considered. Wooden fences last longer in weather conditions that are not extreme. Too much exposure to UV rays, wind, rain, and cold, damp weather makes the fence more susceptible to damage.


Nevertheless, wooden fences are an excellent choice to beautify and protect your space. There are many different styles of fences to choose from. Whatever your choice may be, whether the extremely private board and board fence or the top-selling cedar privacy fence, fences can last a long time with adequate care. The initial setup might be costly but overtime wooden fences cost less because of their durability.


The longevity of wooden fences is dependent on the material used, how well it was installed and the care it receives. Taking care of a wooden fence involves giving it much attention.


A wooden fence that is neglected will deteriorate. The most important thing to consider is wood. Wooden fences being a cheaper option does not necessarily mean buying the cheapest material. Some materials are cheap for a reason. These tend not to be up to par. It is important to consider both quality and cost when purchasing wood, nails, screws, and other materials to complete the fencing. Another thing to avoid is installing the fence yourself if you are not experienced. 


Many people opt to do home improvements themselves because it is more cost-effective. However, that might not be the best idea when it comes to wooden fences. It is best to have this work done by professionals to make sure it is properly done and capable of lasting longer. Pressure-treating fence posts is another important preparation method to ensure a long-lasting fence. Since fence posts are constantly in contact with the ground, they need to be pressure treated with chemicals to prevent damages from water and bugs.


Pressure-treating the wood protects it from termites and fungal decay. The other boards that are above ground do not need pressure treatment. It is also important to stain your fence. However, you should wait at least a year after installation to stain or paint. This is to ensure the chemicals used on the wood is all dried out so the paint or stain does not trap moisture in the wood. Invest in a good stain that can last 5-10 years to avoid having to redo it every year. Fences should be inspected yearly and all repairs on boards, nails, hinges, etc must be professionally done. Small damages can exacerbate if left unattended so make sure to keep up with repairs. Also, trim bushes or vines away as these add weight and attract moisture which can cause the fence to rot and break. Wooden fences should be cleaned and repainted or resealed every 3-5 years. So the answer to the question, does a wood fence last a long time is yes. A wooden fence that is well taken care of can last almost a lifetime.