Honeymoons – Costa Rica is the Solution to You Wedding Dreams

Honeymoons – Costa Rica is the Solution to You Wedding Dreams

Planning for a wedding is complicated enough. Thankfully for the honeymoon it’s more a question of what the couple would like and where they’d want to go. This is the special time, after all the fuss and busyness of the wedding where the couple can relax together and just enjoy being together in a holiday setting. For example, some people like to go on a cruise, some even go hiking but Costa Rica has everything you are looking for (except ice and snow…).

This is the great thing about honeymoons – Costa Rica is the one special spot where you can party all night if you want to, but on the other hand, enjoy walks in the rainforest or the beach. You can have a very ‘public’ holiday swimming, snorkeling and clubbing, or you can have a very private time in a secluded place.

The country itself is quite spectacular with pristine oceans, almost empty beaches, jungles, rainforests, hills and valleys. The animals and plants and flowers are also quite wonderful. You can visit National Parks to see it all. For example, if you decide to honeymoon around Manuel Antonio, not only have you got a National Park next door, but beautiful beaches and the Pacific Ocean! The resort itself has lots of high class hotels to hostels, great open air restaurants as well as bars and clubs. You can even rent a house to have a private and secluded vacation. In fact there’s something for everyone’s taste.

You can find an all-inclusive hotel which might be what you’re looking for, or there are inns, cabins and all sorts of hotels. As the country is so varied in scenery, you can enjoy walking on an almost empty beach to zip lining through the tree tops. There’s really so much you can do. If you like mountains, then Arenal is an active volcano and a popular resort. Some places there offer great spa services and you can soak in a mud bath in the open and see the volcano and hike around the lakes and hills. The food is amazing and very fresh and the coffee is locally grown and organic and among the best coffees in the world.

Do some research online to discover where you would like to go and don’t forget to check out special deals and packages for honeymoons – Costa Rica is really recommended for that special vacation. Come and enjoy.