Axis Mutual Fund Income Saver Fund

Axis Mutual Fund Income Saver Fund

Mutual fund is one of the best way to save money. Different companies provide different schemes to save money in various ways. Axis Mutual Fund is a great organization and currently offers income saving fund.

Objective of the fund:

The main objective of the fund is to be an income fund which would provide regular income for a short period of time. The time duration would depend on the period the customer chooses to invest in. The Major portion of the money that is collected from the investors is invested in the money market securities as well as in the debt market. Consequently, a kind of regular income is generated from the fund not only in the form of dividend payments but also in the form of coupon payments.

In this kind of fund, a small portion of money is invested in the equity market as well, so as to get some derivative products. This in turn can help to generate capital appreciation in some form or the other. This is again done in order to get a regular income for the regular investors or the payouts by means of majority of the investment in the bonds, debt as well as the money market.

Minimum Investment:

The minimum amount that can be invested in the scheme for the regular income is about Rs 5000. Consequently, it can be invested in the multiples of Re 1. There is absolutely no entry load. On the other hand, there is an exit load of about 1% if the scheme is redeemed within 1 year right from the date of allotment.

How to invest?

If you are interested in investing such a scheme, then you can view the details in various websites. You can find the instructions regarding the mode of investment in the income saver fund. These websites also helps you to invest in the schemes online.