Property Investors Say Ola To Brazil

Property Investors Say Ola To Brazil

Brazil has enjoyed considerable economic growth and has been seen going from strength to strength in 2011. Increasingly British businesses are being attracted to Brazil, which has the eighth biggest GDP and is predicted to move up to the fifth largest economy by 2016 as the country is scheduled to host the Olympics. With these factors considered, now could be a very good time to invest in property in Brazil.

Is Real Estate in Brazil also expected to rise in value?

With these promising signs for the Brazilian economy and the next Olympics looming in their favour, property prices are expected to rise, making Brazil an attractive option for those looking to invest in property abroad. A spokesperson from Agente Imovel said that the introduction of Minha Casa Minha Vida, a government-backed social housing initiative which looks to provide opportunities for low-income families to buy their own house, has lead to a booming construction industry. On top of this the Brazilian government are seeking to pass measures that will make property investment even easier for foreign investment hopefuls.

What are the advantages of investing in property in Brazil?

Brazil’s economy is seeing strong signs of growth, the country has low unemployment and a rising middle class which is likely to push up the demand for housing. Although Brazil has seen rapid growth this has not yet reached unsustainable levels: research by JP Morgan shows that the ratio of house prices compared to family income is still lower than in Japan and Singapore. Similarly executive president of the EBX group remarked that he sees Brazil enjoying sustained growth for at least the next two decades. The longevity of Brazil’s success can be attributed to its abundant natural resources, the rising middle class in the country, continued government investment in infrastructure and the peace and stability that Brazil now enjoys.

What are the disadvantages of investing in property in Brazil?

Some economists are arguing that the growth seen in Brazil is too accelerated and may result in a crash. Real estate prices have already risen steeply, a rate that may lead to a house price crash according to research by Exame / Ibope, particularly in prime property areas, where luxury home prices match those in American cities. This would suggest that price-growth will slow. Furthermore the rental market is still relatively subdued despite the rise in house prices, meaning that buy to let in Brazil as an investment won’t yield the best results.

As with any investment there are risks associated with the Brazilian property market, recent short-term wobbles in Brazil’s stock market have seen levels return to their 2007 value, making it look to many as though a house price crash could occur. However this momentary downturn is unlikely to affect the long-term trajectory of success for Brazil, which has many assets that are driving the country’s success. Those looking to invest in property should seriously consider buying into this emerging market.